Teeth Whitening Gets You Ready to go Back to School

Teeth WhiteningEveryone wants to look their best before the start of the new school year. With the first day of school fast approaching everyone is shopping for new clothes and school supplies while also giving their appearance a little spiff. If you are looking to walk through the school doors with a more radiant smile, then see Dr. Beverly Claiborne for professional teeth whitening. 

How does professional teeth whitening work? 

We use a high-grade bleaching gel that can’t be found in commercial products. This gel contains high doses of hydrogen peroxide, which penetrates into the enamel of your teeth to help wipe away surface stains caused by certain foods and drinks. While these gels are tough on stains and discolorations they won’t damage healthy enamel. In fact, professional in-office teeth whitening is one of the safest ways to whiten your smile. 

What should I expect from in-office teeth whitening? 

When you come in for whitening Dr. Claiborne will take some very precise impressions of your teeth to construct tight-fitting bleaching trays for home use. You will use these every night for two weeks. This removes the micro-debris that has compacted within the microstructure of your teeth over the years. This "conditioning" makes the teeth more permeable to further whitening. During the second office visit, Dr Claiborne will apply a stronger bleaching gel that is applied, activated, removed and reapplied three times throughout your session to achieve the brightest smile possible. 

Dealing with stained or yellowing teeth? Not noticing any changes to your smile with at-home whitening products? 

Then it may be time you turned to Dr. Claiborne for KOR whitening. KOR whitening can bleach even tetracycline-stained teeth and get teeth up to 10 shades whiter! 

Schedule your whitening session with Dr. Claiborne today and let’s get you a smile that really shines! 

What about those "One-hour" bleaching systems? 

We don't do one-hour bleaching anymore because over the years Dr. Claiborne has found the results to be unpredictable and temporary. Our KOR system has proven to be very predictably effective with permanent results. 

For more information check out this link: http://www.korwhitening.com.

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