Technology has become a huge part of the dental profession just like it has in every facet of life. There have been great advances in almost all areas of dentistry from the way we examine teeth to the way we restore teeth.

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  • DEXIS DEXIS is our digital x-ray system that reduces the amount of radiation you receive by over 80% compared to traditional x-rays.
  • Kor Whitening Kor Whitening is a superior take-home whitening gel that gets your teeth the whitest possible.
  • Nitrous Oxide Nitrous Oxide , also known as laughing gas, is a medication that can help make your appointment more pleasant.
  • The Isolate Dryfield Illuminator System makes dental procedures more comfortable, shorter, and easier for the dentist and the patient.

Other technology offered:

  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Digital Intra-Oral Imaging
  • Massaging Dental Chairs
  • Patient Video Screens
  • Isolite Systems

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